Tweet Google an emoji & it will reply with local search results

Tweet an emoji to @Google and you’ll get an immediate reply that includes a quick quip, GIF and link to local search results that correspond to the emoji.


Google’s Twitter handle is now fluent in emoji. Whenever someone tweets an emoji to @Google, they will get a reply that includes a quick quip, a GIF and a link to local search results corresponding to the emoji.

According to a report on Mashable, Google’s Twitter handle will respond to more than 200 different emojis, including a few Easter eggs.

Google announced the feature via its Twitter feed yesterday:

I tried it tonight, first using an ice cream emoji, and then a taco. Both times, I immediately received a reply.

The link included in Google’s reply tweet pointed to a results page for a “tacos nearby” search.


I only tested out the feature using food emojis, but the #KnowNearby hashtag included in Google’s announcement tweet has several other examples of emoji-tested tweets.


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