PPC Management

PPC Management 
According to your Budget

PPC Management: Although organic search engine results comprise the bulk of increased natural (organic) traffic, SEM Services, especially Pixel Webz PPC Management allows webmasters to acquire new visitors, on a fixed monthly budget, as opposed to a larger upfront investment. A well balanced internet marketing strategy involves a well managed Google Adwords campaign, Facebook pay per fan campaign, and other sources of pay per click ads. Facebook ads, which tend to convert extremely well, are becoming increasingly popular.


At Pixel Webz Corp,  We are known as a leading SEO provider  and understand that your business may need both local to global traffic and outreach. We provide your consumers multiple avenues to find your business. If you are looking for a ligitimate SEO Company to find traffic locally or across the world we can meet  your unique needs while keeping in mind Organic traffic is the most cost efficient source for traffic and qualified business.

New Customers
Start Your Google AdWords PPC


We have launched and managed 1000’s of PPC campaigns. With performance in mind we deliver the best value for your dollar.

Current AdWords Users
Free Evaluation of PPC Campaign

Get More Discounts of $100/$200/$300

In 24 hours you will know if you are getting highest ROI on your budget. Our customers are getting up to 100% more clicks for the same budget.


Google Search PPC

Instant placement of your ad on the First Page of Google search results page and partner’s websites. We manage PPC campaigns across platforms such Google, Yahoo! and Bing since 2006.

Instant Placement

Lead Generation


Display Ads

Display Networks allows you to advertise your business on high-traffic websites that your potential customers visit regularly. Your Banners or Text Ads can target specific demographics in the area you choose.

Massive reach

Enhanced graphical ads


Youtube Video Ads

Google has made it easy for Agencies to accurately target whom you want to watch your videos. Work with Wisdek to connect with new audiences, strengthen existing, raise awareness, and increase conversions.

Video ads with call-to-action

Advanced targeting & options

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